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  • James Hereth

WonderCon and Medway

This weekend, the "Blowback" creative crew will be at a Convention near you. Provided you're near Anaheim, California or Medway, Kent.

Creators, Jim Hereth and Rhonda Smiley will be wandering the aisles of WonderCon in Anaheim, sister convention of the San Diego Comic-Con.

They'll be toting around a small supply of "Blowback" bookmarks to hand out to the lucky few. If you see us, please say "Hi."

But don't be weird about it.

Artist, Kevin Hopgood, meanwhile, will be manning a booth at the Medway Comic & Screen Festival in Kent, England.

(War Machine may or may not be in attendance with him.)

Be sure to request that Kev pen your favorite "Blowback" character.

Or his, really, since the book hasn't even been released yet.

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