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Blowback Review - downthetubes

John Freeman at the long-running downthetubes posted an excellent review of Blowback today.

In the piece, Avast there, me hearties! New graphic novel, "Blowback," offers a pirate-spiced time travel romp... here's a review, Freeman draws flattering comparisons to the historical fiction novel, 1633, and the strip, The Phantom Patrol from Swift magazine.

Artist, Kev Hopgood, and colorist, Charlie Kirchoff received excellent marks for the "terrific action sequences throughout." To that end, the review highlights some great Blowback art, including full pages from the opening sequence.

He concludes by saying, "I enjoyed reading Blowback and I think many of you out there will too. For me, as a graphic novel, it works well; as a proof of concept for that 200 million dollar budget film, it fires on all cylinders… or should that be cannons? Do check it out."

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