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Monty and the Monster by Rhonda Smiley

Updated: May 27, 2020

Blowback co-creator, Rhonda Smiley, has just released her latest book - the middle grade adventure comedy, Monty and the Monster.

When seventh grader Monty Hyde moves for the fourth time in two years, it’s the same old story. New neighborhood, new school, new bullies, no friends.

With his dad working all the time and his older brother too popular to notice, he’s the lonely outcast yet again.

That is until he finds a mysterious replication serum in his basement and decides to make a friend. From scratch.

But when his creation turns out to be a stinky, hairy eight-foot-tall monster that might be eating the neighborhood kids, Monty knows he must undo his experiment.

Problem is, it’s the best friend he’s ever had.

Available in paperback or digital. Hurry and get your very own copy today!

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