Blowback Cover.jpg
Blowback - U.S. Marines Ospreys en route in storm.
Blowback - Spanish Galleon, Santissima Madre, under attack.
Blowback - H.M.S. Storm Jolly Roger.
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Action Adventure Graphic Novel
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A group of present-day Marines disappear in the Bermuda Triangle and find themselves in 1776, where they battle a stranded WWII British Destroyer bent on crushing the American Revolution.

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Blowback - Early and Davis try to figure out where - and when - they ended up.
Blowback Marines Full Rez_CC_031619.jpg
Blowback - Church and Early react to electrical storm.
Blowback Gun Powder.tif


James Hereth

Rhonda Smiley

Kev Hopgood

Charlie Kirchoff