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Blowback Review - Comical Opinions

Well, you can't please everybody. And, sadly, Blowback did not please Comical Opinions.

Nevertheless, we genuinely appreciate the time and attention put into the write-up by Gabriel Hernandez (and all his fellow reviewers who do the same).

In BLOWBACK - Review, Hernandez focuses on what he did and didn't like. You can click on the link above to get his complete take.

Here, though, we'll just focus on the positive.

"There’s plenty of combat-style action to pick up the energy of the story. And you get a sense that the art team put research time in to make sure the ships, the weaponry, and the costumes are accurate for their respective time periods. That accuracy speaks to the time and attention put into making sure a time travel adventure feels authentic to the reader."

Then, the review continues with some other stuff. Words and sentences, primarily - no need to belabor the details too much. Ultimately, we reach the summary, which includes...

"BLOWBACK is an interesting idea about combat Marines accidentally transported back in time when they encounter pirates, historical figures, and Revolution-era battles."

Spot on. In conclusion, we'll cherry pick the quote, "the story is a success."

Forget the context. Just remember that it's a success!

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